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  • Contact us for a FREE consultation
    Don't wait until it's too late!

    Welcome to Canada East Mortgages!

    Are stressful monthly mortgage payments weighing you down and hindering your ability to achieve your financial goals? Does financial freedom seem impossible to attain? Our wonderful Halifax mortgage refinance agents are here to help! Canada East Mortgages is a part of the largest broker network in Canada and we can help you choose what works best from our wide range of mortgage options. Our Halifax mortgage refinance agents are dedicated to helping customers understand their mortgage situation and will explain far better financial alternatives in simple terms that make sense! Our fantastic Halifax mortgage refinance agents offer such exemplary financial services as:

    Our Halifax mortgage refinance agents are available throughout Halifax, Dartmouth, Cape Breton, Truro, Amherst, New Glasgow, Bridgewater, Yarmouth, Kentville, Antigonish, Stellarton, and many other cities in between. Choose our competent mortgage agents to help you better control your own finances! We work with you to help you make your monthly payments more manageable, affordable, and suitable for your unique financial situation. Contact us today and receive a free quote for all of our financial aid services! We are always happy to help.

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    Home equity loans or mortgages ONLY. We do NOT offer personal loans.

    Marketing requests will not be accepted

    What Our Clients Say

    • Brian & Lois

      Halifax, NS

      Refinancing your mortgage can be stressful. We were trying to determine the best rates and terms, looking to see who had the best offer but things kept changing so quickly. It was getting to be a real challenge to keep up with it all. We called Canada East Mortgages. Everything just fell into place after that. There was no pressure to take a specific product or go with a specific lender. Our mortgage agent even called us the day before we were due to close to let us know the rate had dropped lower and we would get that new rate. I don’t think our existing bank would have done that. A huge thank you to the Canada East Mortgage team for everything. We will be with your company for many years to come.

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    Halifax Mortgage Services

    • Halifax Mortgage Agents

      All of the mortgage agents at Canada East Mortgages have one simple objective: “Keep dreams and goals alive for every customer. More info...

    • Halifax Mortgage Refinance

      Our mortgage refinance service can make your monthly mortgage payments much more affordable and easier to manage. More info...

    • Halifax Second Mortgage

      You can avoid large, costly penalties, and in some cases you may benefit from the same low interest rate of your first mortgage. More info...

    • Halifax Private Mortgage

      Our lenders will work with you on a personal level to determine the best solution, and get you the funds you need. More info...

    • Halifax Home Financing

      Home financing is a great option if you need a large sum of money but do not wish to dig into your savings. More info...

    • Halifax Debt Consolidation

      Debt consolidation is a great financial method to reduce the stress of debt payments, and manage and organize them much more effectively. More info...

    partners / clients

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